Review: Wild Orchid by Cameron Dokey

Review: Wild Orchid by Cameron Dokey

Summary (From Barnes & Noble’s):  Wielding a sword as deftly as an embroidery needle, Mulan is unlike any other girl in China. When the emperor summons a great army, each family must send a male to fight. Tomboyish Mulan is determined to spare her aging father and bring her family honor, so she disguises herself and answers the call. But Mulan never expects to find a friend, let alone a soul mate, in the commander of her division, Prince Jian. For all of Mulan’s courage with a bow and arrow, is she brave enough to share her true identity and feelings with Prince Jian?

The story of Mulan is probably my favorite when it comes to Disney classics. And I don’t think it has anything to do with me being Chinese. I just love the idea of having a girl be the hero, instead of the guy. And in a world where girls have to prove themselves, we need stories like this. So I burrowed this book from my friend because I loved Disney’s version.

The new story of Mulan’s life is really nice. It’s a refreshing twist from the old tale. Her friend, Li Po, is also a really cool addition. Having them grow up together and him teaching her things that she wants to know really comes in handy in the end of the book. Prince Jian is an empathetic man that is a really good person. Mulan’s character is well rounded, although I found Prince Jian to be a little flat.

There are some negatives though. I thought there was little detail and that things went by really quickly. Like the climax of the story just came and went in the blink of an eye. I think the whole thing was maybe five pages. But the writing was easy to understand and this re-telling left a place in my heart.

I recommend it for people who like a different take on well-known tales. It’s a read that you can easily pick up if you need something quick to read. But if you want something detailed and full of action, I don’t think this book is for you.

Rating: 3 / 5



2 thoughts on “Review: Wild Orchid by Cameron Dokey

  1. i love the girl-as-a-hero thing 2! did u ever read…….”Fairest” by Gail Carson Levine? she also wrote “Ella Enchanted<" which is based on Cinderella. Fairest is supposed to be based on Snow White. I read it about 2 years ago, and I don't remember that much, but I know I loved it!

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