Hey guys ! How are your summers’ all going? Mine is going well, if you’re wondering! I’ve just been  chilling with friend’s and hanging around. I’m going to the midnight premiere of Eclipse on Wednesday and going to a few concerts this summer. The concerts I’m going to are Diverse Pop Duo, the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Josh Golden, and Allstar Weekend. I’m a major Disney fanatic, so you know 😀 I also have a lot of goals I for this summer. Here are some:

-Write some more of my novel
-Learn Algebra I & II
-Film a bunch of things with my friends
-Read more than 13 books

And there are more, but I forget ! But you know. One of the other things I’m doing this summer is helping my awesome friend Stephanie Hanvey out. She’s an upcoming singer who just released her EP. She’s 13 and she’s amazing ! I’m not saying that because I’m her friend, I’m saying it cause it’s the truth. Her voice is pretty awesome for such a young person. And I’m happy to say that her awesome song ‘Turn it Up’ is now playing on Radio Disney. Please call 1-877-870-5678 and request it! But since you probably haven’t listened to her sing yet, here is her music video.

I hope you enjoy ! And tell me some things that you’re doing this summer!


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