Review: Mistwood by Leah Cypess

Review: Mistwood by Leah Cypess

Summary: Isabel is the shifter. And the shifter lives to protect the royal family. After ten years of being in Mistwood, Rokan, a prince, comes to her asking for her loyalty and protection. She agrees and is brought into the madness of his life of being ruler. But Isabel is worried because she agreed to him without any memory of her past and no idea how to shift, which she is known for. While battling human emotions, Isabel becomes caught between a secret that may choose who will reign in the land of Samorna. The story unfolds to have Isabel finding out about not only herself, but also about the people around her.

From the first page, the idea and scene captivated me. It was like the book was calling me in to experience a world that needed to be told. You know a book is going to be pretty awesome if it can do that within a thousand words.

But as I got into it, I wasn’t as captivated as I had been from the beginning. Before I picked the book up, I had read so many reviews saying how amazing the book was. So I was like “There is no way this book could be a disappointment if there are that many positive things about it.”

As the story progressed after my little bump in the road, I fell in love with the characters. Isabel is a girl who is trying to find who she really is while trying to defend people she cares for. How many of us have tried to figure out stuff while dealing with the things of everyday life? Yeah, so even though she is a Shifter we can relate. I loved her courage and strength, making me wish I was somewhat like her. I also love Rokan. Even when things are revealed in the book, I honestly believe he is a nice person. His character reminds me of the boy next door trying to do everything right even though it might be too overwhelming. I’m not gonna go into detail about the other characters, but I think they were well developed chorus characters.

The writing was easy to understand and I think the plot was original.  There was romance in the story, but there were other types of love that kept it alive. An amazing story that I would recommend to anyone who loves fantasy books!

Rating: 4.5 / 5


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