Review: Gone by Michael Grant

Review: Gone by Michael Grant

One day, every person over the age of fifteen in a small town in California just disappears. One second they’re there, and one second they aren’t. Technology also stops working. Kids have to save food, care for others, and make sure things don’t get out of control. They start taking either the bullies’ side or their own sides. The book focuses on a 14 year old boy named Sam who has to deal with it all. But the problem is that his birthday is coming fast so he’s afraid he’s going to leave too. So the whole book deals with him and his friends trying to defeat the fact that they’re alone and the bullies that try to rule. But animals and children are mutating, which throws some other interesting things in the mix.

Okay, I had to admit this book was good enough for me to pick up but not good enough for me to start reading myself when I first picked it up. I ended up buying my friend the book, but I never got to read it because she never finished it. She said it was too boring.

Well I ended up winning the book from some contest. Thank you by the way! Even with my friend’s comments, I still wanted to read the book. But I was still hesitant. I got the book in the mail and started to read it. The first sentence pulled me in, and from there I knew there was no way I was putting the book down.

The main character Sam is a boy that’s easily loved yet hated at the same time. Being a 14 year old girl, I fell for him. But I fell for him in a way that this guy was chill and a born leader. And although most of the kids looked up to him as a leader, he didn’t want to be. And I could understand how that would be kinda terrifying if you made a wrong move. But he’s also easily hated because the people who want to be noticed are never noticed if he’s there. So he’s made some enemies.

The plot itself was pretty good. If you really think about it, it would be pretty creepy if everyone just disappeared one day. There would be chaos and confusion and all that stuff people would never be able to deal with. I thought it was original even though there are some other stories about being trapped in a dome. The characters have pretty realistic since you have the insanely smart people and the annoying bullies. The mutating animals was a nice twist, and some parts even creeped me out while I was reading it.

Overall, it was quite enjoyable. The plot flowed nicely and I didn’t find any parts that went slow or bored me to tears. I recommend this people who like the idea of standing up and taking action when there’s no one else to guide you. There was enough romance to keep me hoping that characters would get together. Some parts were predictable, but I didn’t think they were to cliché.

Rating: 4.5 / 5  Hearts. 😀


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