Awesome Video

This post is for all of those who have read Romeo and Juliet, or at least know the storyline. I swear, everyone today knows the story about these two star crossed lovers. I mean seriously, who hasn’t heard of them?! They meet, they fall in love…but wait! Their families hate eachother! Uh oh. Now that really sucks. But really, do you guys honestly believed that they should have killed themselves in the end? I know, it’s love and all…

Romeo and Juliet is a classic. But really, what makes it a classic? Is it because it’s just a story all teens can relate too? And honestly, teens are a major influence on things that become popular. Music? Us. Movies? Us. Guess how Twilight got big? You got it- us! So yeah, since R & J are teens, I guess it reaches to us more. Haha. And amazingly no one is really sick and tired of it yet. Just imagine what Shakespeare would say if he knew that his story was a hit.

Now though. Here’s the realy reason why I added this post. My friend showed me this video the other day. I only love few parodies, and I promise you, this one was probably one of the best I’ve seen. We all know Juliet commits suicide because she wakes up to see her love dead…But would she have done it if she had a sassy gay friend?

Go watch the video here =>

I promise you, it’s hysterical.

*Warning, there are curses*


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